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SSL Pools

Pools have SSL to make sure you’re mining in a secure environment, protecting you against bad intentioned users trying to steal your information

Telegram Channel

We have a Telegram ChannelĀ for information, support and general questions.

Worldwide Stratum servers

European and North American Stratum Servers available for all Pools.


Chat Room

Chat with other miners and miningfield staff. Learn mining tips/facts, report problems, ask for help.

Proxy Servers

Several proxy servers available for miners to bypass local network restrictions.

Shared Masternode Pools

Buy shares from our Shared Masternodes to get use of it’s increased reward income.


PoW Pools Statistics

Pool    Algorithm    Efficiency    Hashrate    Workers    Status   Start Mining

Scrypt100.00% 0.000 MH/s 0   Online

Skein99.05% 1,660.117 GH/s 365   Online
Sha25696.99% 154.459 TH/s 14   Online
Scrypt97.80% 0.662 GH/s 1   Online
Sha25694.51% 6.928 TH/s 3   Online
X1199.47% 184.332 GH/s 4   Online
Scrypt100.00% 1.836 GH/s 4   Online
Skein96.85% 0.001 GH/s 1   Online
X11 MH/s   Online
Equihash99.63% 0.000 KSol 0   Online
X11100.00% 30.412 GH/s 2   Online
Stats From: 10:15:54 UTC

Shared Masternodes Statistics

Coin    Masternode    Available Shares    Users    Status   

Latest News

DMD Shared Masternode 4

Currently there are not enough users interested in buying all the remaining shares from users leaving the masternodes Given this, during payments this weekend, Masternode #4 will be turned off to pay back to users that want to leave the masternode. With this, I will be moving some shares from masternode #4 to the other […]

Server upgrades

Due to an increased server demand, caused by the ever growing users interactions, we will be adding new servers to our current infrastructure. Starting immediately, we will add 2 new servers within the next couple of days, while we do this, a short downtime of some services is expected. Also on the short run, expected […]


Lately we’ve seen Cryptocurrencies going for Masternodes on their blockchains, the main point of Masternode is to be a solid, trusted beacon, very important for chain security/validation. Masternodes get a special and higher reward for doing these tasks which makes them very valuable and therefor very wanted. Users that want to have a Masternode need […]

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We are a group of IT talented workers, enthusiastics for the cryptocurrency world! With several years envolved in cryptocurrency mining and trading, we took the next step and created Miningfield to be the place of choice for miners, backed with a helpfull user support willing to teach miners about the crypto universe.