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SSL Pools

Pools have SSL to make sure you’re mining in a secure environment, protecting you against bad intentioned users trying to steal your information

Skype Support

Users can contact us on skype for support, general questions or business.

Worldwide Stratum servers

European and North American Stratum Servers available for all Pools.


Chat Room

Chat with other miners and miningfield staff. Learn mining tips/facts, report problems, ask for help.

Proxy Servers

Several proxy servers available for miners to bypass local network restrictions.

Multi Algo Pools

Pools for mining coins of several algorithms, currently Sha256Scrypt, X11, Groestl and Skein.

Other algorithms pools will be created soon.



Mining Status

Pool    Algorithm    Pool Efficiency    Pool Hashrate    Active Workers    Pool Status   
DiamondGroestl99.41% 112.376 MH/s 10   Online
 DigibyteSkein73.04% 0.000 MH/s 0   Online
DigitalcoinScrypt99.76% 0.000 MH/s 0   Online
DigitalcoinSha25699.83% 318.406 GH/s 1   Online
DigitalcoinX11100.00% 0.000 MH/s 0   Online
SmartcoinX1197.63% 0.000 MH/s 0   Online
TITcoinSha25699.36% 2,175.969 GH/s 6   Online
Stats From: 22:16:14 UTC

Latest News

Miningfield Services Temporary down

Miningfield Services will be Temporary down while i do some corrections on the servers.   Miningfield services stopped working properly this past week, this was due to a ssl certificate not being renewed, alongside with this, one of the servers got it’s storage full, this caused almost all services to be unavailable. Unfortunately this happened […]

Miningfield Reorganization

There will be a reorganization on Miningfield services. Long story short, there will be a services reduction due to lack of time to admin all the infrastructure and a short services usage, which results in a short pool fee/donation income, not enough to cover servers payments for some time now.   During the next 2 […]

Pool Boost

We’ve added a “random boost” feature to Miningfield pools. Everyday, a random pool will have a 2% mining income boost for 1h. This process is repeated 5 times a day, so overall there will be a 5 hours boosting period everyday.   In each “draw” any pool can be boosted, so there can be 5 […]

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We are a group of IT talented workers, enthusiastics for the cryptocurrency world! With several years envolved in cryptocurrency mining and trading, we took the next step and created Miningfield to be the place of choice for miners, backed with a helpfull user support willing to teach miners about the crypto universe.

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