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Lately we’ve seen Cryptocurrencies going for Masternodes on their blockchains, the main point of Masternode is to be a solid, trusted beacon, very important for chain security/validation.

Masternodes get a special and higher reward for doing these tasks which makes them very valuable and therefor very wanted.

Users that want to have a Masternode need very high ammounts of coins to be able to activate them, which makes them not in reach for most users.

To give users a chance to get some extra income with the Masternodes rewards, we’ve setup a Shared Masternode Pool system, that allows users to buy shares of a masternode, allowing them to get the equivalent share percentage of the masternode rewards.

Also, there are does users that have the necessary coins to start a masternode, but by lack of knowledge or time, they wont set it up, for these reason, we have a Masternode Rent system, where we setup a Server and do all the config, maintenance and security work, for a small fee, all the user needs is the necessary coins on it’s wallet and to add an entry on it’s wallet config file.

Currently we have 2 Shared Masternodes running for DMD Diamond coin ( ) and 5 Masternodes for renting, ready to go.

You can find more information about these services here:


We will be implementing Shared Masternodes for other cryptocurrencies, so stay tunned.