Server upgrades

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Due to an increased server demand, caused by the ever growing users interactions, we will be adding new servers to our current infrastructure. Starting immediately, we will add 2 new servers within the next couple of days, while we do this, a short downtime of some services is expected. Also on the short run, expected […]



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Lately we’ve seen Cryptocurrencies going for Masternodes on their blockchains, the main point of Masternode is to be a solid, trusted beacon, very important for chain security/validation. Masternodes get a special and higher reward for doing these tasks which makes them very valuable and therefor very wanted. Users that want to have a Masternode need […]


DMDv2 to DMDv3 – Pool Shutdown

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Miningfield’s DMD Pool will stop mining operations around the 1st of September 2017, in preparation to the new DMDv3 wallet implementation.   Pool will still be available until the 12th of September 2017, around the date of the switch to DMDv3, so you must withdraw your coins until then.   I remind that DMDv3 will […]


Payout Fee Policy

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For almost 2 years now, we’ve decided to remove the mining fee from Miningfield Pools and charge only a payout fee. Together with the random Pool Boost, we’ve help miners make more coins then ever! Lately we’ve all witnessed Bitcoin and major Altcoins price go up… a lot! This causes major jumps in payout fee […]

Bug Fix

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Hello Miners,   We’ve recently fixed a bug on some of the Pools, that was causing some random misbehave in some website operations. This fix corrects the following: During registration or login process, users would get a token expired, even when submitting fast enough. When unlocking a user account  for detail change, manual withdraw, etc, […]

Server’s kernel upgrade

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  During this weekend we’ll be upgrading the kernel on Miningfield servers to patch “Dirty Cow” vulnerability. The upgrade will require a reboot, so this will cause a downtime on our services that we don’t expect to go beyond 30m. Take this time to dust off your miners

Stratum Servers Update

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      We’ll be updating our European and American Stratum servers this week, this is necessary to correct bugs and increase performance/stability.     Updates will be done separately, and traffic will be redirected to the other Stratum server while we’re updating, meaning that mining operations won’t stop during the update process.   These […]

Scheduled Server Maintenance

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    There will be a scheduled server maintenance this weekend that will involve the move of website to a new server.     This will not affect mining Pools in any way, there will be no mining interruption, only website unavailability for a couple of minuts.   Server updates and security reinforcements […]

Miningfield Services Temporary down

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Miningfield Services will be Temporary down while i do some corrections on the servers.   Miningfield services stopped working properly this past week, this was due to a ssl certificate not being renewed, alongside with this, one of the servers got it’s storage full, this caused almost all services to be unavailable. Unfortunately this happened […]

Miningfield Reorganization

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There will be a reorganization on Miningfield services. Long story short, there will be a services reduction due to lack of time to admin all the infrastructure and a short services usage, which results in a short pool fee/donation income, not enough to cover servers payments for some time now.   During the next 2 […]