Welcome to the VertCoin Mining Pool
posted 08/01/2014 00:25:59

Welcome to our VertCoin Mining pool!!

We're a brand new mining pool aiming for the stars!

Check our main website for upcoming features and other pools [ http://www.miningfield.com ]

Miners Needed!! Help us grow.  :)

Stratum Servers:
  • Low Diff (VARDIFF): stratum+tcp://vtc.miningfield.com:3333
  • Standard (VARDIFF): stratum+tcp://vtc.miningfield.com:3334
(Dedicated fast mining stratum comming soon.)

We offer:
- Zero Fees! We depend on your donations, we kindly ask for 1% or 2% to help us keep providing you this service.
- DDoS protection! We actively monitor our servers and block DDoS attemps with the latest technics, your miners will not be idling or at re-connect screens!
- E-mail Alerts For Down Workers
- IRC Support
PPLNS payments
- Constantly improving and adding more features

Having problems?
Catch us on the web chat, leave a message on the contact form, or email us at [email protected]