DMD Pool
[ Groestl Algorithm ]

Stratum Ports: Proxy Servers:
 stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 2]  
 stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 35]
   stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 80]
     stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 210]
   stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 2]  
   stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 35]
   stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 80]
     stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 210]
*All ports have Vardiff, so eventually you'll be mining at maximum speed at any port
**Looking for a fix diff? Email us.

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Latest News
Stratum Servers Update
posted 09/28/2016 21:53:51

We’ll be updating our European and American Stratum servers this week, this is necessary to correct bugs and increase performance/stability.

Update completed successfully

Pool Maintenance [COMPLETED]
posted 09/01/2016 14:18:04

[DMD] Pool will be under maintenance for the next hour while i'm migrating services to a new server.

This will improve performance overall.

Maintenance Completed

Important News
posted 06/18/2016 15:05:44
Pool Boost
posted 04/28/2016 11:17:52

We've added a boost feature to Miningfield Pools.

Check it out:

New Pool [ Online ]
posted 04/08/2016 16:58:23

New Pool is online!

User credentials and configs remain the same.

Also, stratum ports remain the same.

A new [DMD]Dimaond Pool will be setup this weekend, user credentials/miners will remain the same.

Also, stratum ports will remain the same.

If you still have coins here, please withdraw them as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Foundation share
posted 01/19/2016 15:51:03

New Foundation share address set on the pool

FPS system kicked in this night.
posted 01/17/2016 11:02:31

It's confirmed that Pool wallet forked this past night.

FPS worked as expected, warning us as soon as the fork happened, allowing us to stop all mining operations on a early stage of the fork, preventing miners from wasting power mining nothing.

Pool is Operational again

FPS system kicked in this night.

We're putting the Pool on hold while we investigate this possible fork.

More info soon.

0% Mining Fee forever!
posted 01/13/2016 15:14:46

As part of 2016 objectives, listed (here), we're removing mining fees, and setting a payout fee.

This will take effect later today. Already Applied.

No Fees on Christmas Day
posted 12/22/2015 23:23:36

As anounced earlier, on the 25th of december there will be no mining fee on all pool.

That's 24 hours of full income.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

0% Mining Fee [ This has ended ]
posted 10/18/2015 00:06:30


0% mining fee for 48 hours starts now!


EU / US Servers
posted 09/10/2015 01:50:01

Hello miners,

We've setup both EU and US Stratum and Proxy servers so you can mine with the least lag, improving mining efficiency.

Connect to the closest Stratum port for optimal mining

If you need a proxy to connect, use the one closest to you for better speeds.

Scheduled downtime [ COMPLETED ]
posted 09/09/2015 09:24:58

Hello miners,

There's a scheduled downtime on the pool for tomorrow, at 02:00 (GMT+1)

This is a super quick intervention for setting up EU and US Stratum servers, it shouldn't take longer then 5m.

Pool Maintenance
posted 08/13/2015 10:37:55

Hello miners,

Pool will go under a short downtime today for server maintenance ( software update, configuration tweak, security improvement ).

This should take no longer then 20 minuts.

Maintenance Completed Successfully!


Pool Lottery
posted 08/07/2015 20:14:10

I'm starting a Lottery for pool users so lucky miners can get some bonus.

You can register for the lottery Here

Read the lottery rules Here

Good Luck!

SSL Connection
posted 07/08/2015 00:05:05

Hi miners,

Miningfield's DMD Pool is now under SSL protection

[ Proxy back online] Proxy server located at port 443 has been disabled to allow SSL connections, proxy at port 8080 is still active and ready for use.

Proxy connections
posted 06/18/2015 20:54:56

Hi Miners,

If you're unable to connect to miningfield stratum servers because of network restrictions, like company firewall rules, you can try to bypass this by using miningfield socks proxy servers.

Proxy servers are at:


So just add one of the proxy servers to the mining software configuration for example:


Pool / Wallet Update [ COMPLETED ]
posted 05/01/2015 23:46:02

Pool software and Pool Wallet will be updated on the 4th of may during the night.

There will be a downtime of a few seconds while services are restarted

[DONE] Pool and wallet have been updated to the latest version successfully

AFS (Anti-Fork System) Implemented
posted 04/28/2015 22:05:05

Anti Fork System has been implemented on the Pool

Mail Server Issue [ FIXED ]
posted 04/27/2015 21:57:44

There's currently an issue with the mail server, this afects both registrations and account operations (Manual Payouts, account changes)

I'm waiting for my mail provider to fix the issue, i can't tell how long it's gonna take.

Mining and automaticly payouts are not affected.